Hack Your Way to a Cleaner House


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Hacks and Tricks to Get the House Cleaner Faster

Does it feel as though it takes days and days to get your home clean? Or perhaps it’s a constant cycle of picking stuff up, only for it to end up on the floor mere hours later. If you’re looking for easy (and cheap!) ways to cut down on cleaning time, check out these awesome cleaning hacks that will have you relaxing instead of scrubbing in no time.

Utilize Dryer Sheets Outside of the Laundry Room

Think dryer sheets are simply for keeping clothes fresh and static free? Guess again! These little sweet-smelling sheets work miracles all across the home. Need an easier way to clean those baseboards? Dryer sheets work expertly for all of the nooks and crannies the vacuum can’t reach. And instead of buying expensive air fresheners or candles, secure dryer sheets to the back of A/C vents. The flow of air will carry that outdoor fresh scent all over your home. Pro tip: soak an especially dirty pot overnight with a dryer sheet and water inside. By morning, the sludge will wipe right off!

Get More Use from That Squeegee

Most people think of squeegees exclusively for car detailing, but they can do so much more! They work excellently when cleaning glass and mirrors in the home by allowing a streak-free shine. Or how about that obnoxious pet hair all over the upholstery that simply will not come off? Run a squeegee over your couch or chair and see all of the hair magically come up. Once all that is finished, then go ahead and clean the car.

Put More Toys in the Washing Machines

One of the best ways to make cleaning more efficient is to think outside of the box. Young children often need their toys sanitized pretty regularly – who knows where that elephant has been? The good news is that most toys can be placed on the top rack of the dish washer, allowing them to be cleaned and sanitized swiftly. The same goes for the washing machine: gather up your child’s Lego bricks or other plastic bits and toss them into a delicate garments bag. Then into the washer they go!

Do Not Forget About Good Old Baking Soda

Generations long before now did not have access to all of the cleaning bells and whistles available today. Baking soda was used for cleaning everything – and it still works! Making a paste out of baking soda and water or vinegar can work miracles all over the house, from lifting yellow stains on collars to cleaning the oven. By committing yourself to using more baking soda in your cleaning jobs, you’ll not only save a ton of money but you’ll also keep your ancestors proud. Check out this blog which features dozens of ways to use baking soda for good.

There are dozens of other cleaning hacks out there designed to put your life at ease. Check out this website for even more tricks for getting that house cleaned faster!

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