Funny YouTube Videos – Top 5 EVER!


Here’s our current list of the Top Funny Tube Videos Ever.  Prove us wrong in the comments!


5.  Watermelon Face Smack Down

Here’s a super treat yaaay!  This chick just gets smoked it right in in the dome and there’s absolutely no coming back.  I’ve never seen a watermelon mimic a grape when we achieve contact here lol. Wapooop!


4.  All the Shampoo Pranks

So Shampoo prank dude creeps up on people showering in public and secretly keeps putting shampoo on their heads.  This initiates a never-ending shampoo rinse sequence that never fails to frustrate victim after victim, therefore leaving nothing but endless satisfaction.

If you’re not a fan in the first 30 seconds or so, you probably won’t be a fan.


3.  The Jason Scuba Scare Pranks

This is great lol!  Jason all sneaking up on people with scuba masks and scaring the poo out of everyone!


2.  Live Fart Attack on Reporter

Take 13 seconds to watch the most amazing superhero of all time.


1.  Naked Tennis Streaker

I watch this one a few times a year and it’s by far my favorite video.  I just hear his buddy filming and how he reacts with his escalating giggle, and it reminds me of ridiculous adventures, great times and friendships along the way.

This is hilarious.

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